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India is in the process of transformation from a rural country to an urban nation. One-third of the Indian population is living in the cities ? which makes India a nation with the largest urban population in the world. India has 300 cities with over 100,000 population; 23 cities with more than 1,000,000 population; and 6 mega-cities with 8 million plus population. Most of these city centers have very low Christian presence. A recent estimate indicates that over 90% of mission work is being done among the rural and tribal people. The service and witness of the church in most of the cities is not substantial and influential enough to transform India.

The urban context is so complex and huge that the Christian leaders, in addition to their call and commitment, require specific training and equipping to be able to minister to the city masses adequately and efficiently.

As the evangelical umbrella in India, the EFI has launched the National Urban Network (EFI-NUN) as an effort to unite, synchronize and catalyze various ministries in the cities of India for enhancing Christian effectiveness and productivity. We are moving with the transformation theme: “The Whole Church taking the Whole Gospel to the Whole Cities, so that the presence, the power and the peace of God is experienced by all.”

Vision: To see comprehensive transformation of all urban centers through the Church in India.

Mission: To envision and equip churches, mission and service agencies and individuals for the transformation of all urban centers with the love of Christ.

Objective: To accomplish this by focusing on research, prayer, mobilization, strategy planning, training, networking, developing partnership and sharing resources and expertise. The role of EFI-NUN is to facilitate and catalyze the process of transformation in 60 strategic cities of India, through conducting survey, city leaders’ consultation, prayer summit, regional workshop and seminar; forming network among churches, ministry agencies, lay leaders and Bible school faculty; training of task force and coaches; production of videos / literature on urban challenge; and developing training manual and syllabus on urban mission for churches and seminaries.